2 comments on “Doctor Who and Me 1 – When You’re Young

  1. “Who is that grinning maniac”? I thought to myself.

    The bane of Doctor Who?

    But the long, dark teatime of the soul that sees D**** T****** enter the TARDIS is yet to come. This is a wonderful trip down memory lane – your path to where you are right now in your life was different to mine, but Doctor Who was still responsible for the single most important thing that has happened yet to me. Or us both?

    If we told new Who fans just how important those Target books were, not just to us, but to generations of fans, would they understand? Has the idea of a tie in novelisation lost any value in this day and age, especially if you try to claim there’s actually good writing at work in a lot of these books. Anyone who thinks that the Target novelizations were shoddy transcriptions of scripts to prose needs to take a look at Trevor Hoyles adaptations of Blakes 7 episodes – even at Uncle Terry’s most perfunctory, the Target books hinted at something larger and more magical.

    Onto the Wilderness Years, and Mr McGann? You know, there are rumours about him in the anniversary year, but I don’t think they’ll come to anything…

  2. Aye, you can’t trust anything they say about who’s going to be coming back, can you? Thank you for the kind comments, HB. And yes, the single most important thing that has happened to me was a direct result of Doctor Who. You have just appeared in part 2 of these rambling reminiscences.

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