4 comments on “Hancock’s Half Hour – The Harry Secombe Episodes, Part 1

  1. Hancock’s Half Hour…without Hancock? It’s hard to imagine a time when the BBC would bring a ringer in rather than delay recording, but it was those were different days. I’d love to hear these, but it’s unlikely they’ll ever see daylight again But we can hope, can’t we? Maybe Tubby Levine will dig up something valuable, rather than more Daleks Masterplan.

  2. In another example of different times, it’s hard to imagine a theatrical agent today being anything other than delighted about a performer contracted to their show receiving nationwide exposure in the broadcast media.

  3. My dad and I just heard 11 episodes they re-recorded and we loved them!

    Which CD can I find the episodes, ‘The Three Sons’, ‘A Visit to Swansea’ and ‘The Racehorse’ on?

  4. Hi, Stephen!

    Thanks for commenting. Always appreciated. The remakes of those episodes – originals sadly lost – haven’t hit CD yet. There’s a release of the lot slated for October 2017 – it’s up on Amazon for preorder so you don’t have too long to wait. Search for “The Missing Hancocks Series 3” and you’ll find it. Hope that helps.

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