3 comments on “Television Archaeology – Manhunt

  1. Wowsers. Well, I knew that Manhunt was gold as soon as I started to watch it,but it’s good to see that ITV also knew that they had a cracker on their hands from the get-go, and threw all of their weight behind it. It’s a real shame the way that this series has been so completely forgotten these days, but I’m glad that at the time of broadcast, people appreciated it for the very powerful drama that it was.

  2. How poignant to read that feature on Alfred Lynch.
    Alfred Lynch was gay and had been in a relationship with actor James Culliford since the 1950s. In 1970 he couldn’t make any reference to this in the TV Times profile. Different times.
    Culliford suffered a stroke in 1972 and Lynch put his career on the back burner to care for Culliford. Both men died in the early 2000s having been together for nearly 50 years.

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