4 comments on “Her hair hung across her face, like a bush hangs across a wall

  1. That’s a wonderfully written piece, celebrating one of the worlds most underrated bands. Squeeze are sublimely brilliant, with lyrics that are so exquisite to hear, beautifully delivered by Mr Tilbrook. Chris Difford is just an enormous hero of mine. Brilliant stuff. I think if I have a favourite lyric it would be; “Mornings pass us by. As curtains hide the sun. Nights we spent out of control. Like two flags wrapped around a pole”, from This Summer.

    Thanks for writing about Squeeze.

  2. Hey, get out of my head! Thanks for writing this and putting into words my own feelings about Squeeze.

    May I also submit my personal favourite Difford lyric “Singles remind me of kisses/Albums remind me of plans.” From the sublime If I Didn’t Love You, which also features one of Glenn’s oddest, most ethereal guitar solos.

  3. And thank you both for commenting. Very much appreciated – really kind of you. Joanna, wasn’t that Glenn pretending to be a member of Talking Heads? I remember him saying in an interview somewhere that “If I didn’t love you” was a fractured sort of tribute to them.

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