3 comments on “Michael O’Hare 1952 – 2012

  1. Damn it, that’s way, way too young. I always liked Sinclair, and felt the show lost a certain something when he left. The Box had a cheesy charisma, but O’Hare managed to convey the impression of a man who was ground down by what ‘destiny’ had done to him, but was still determined to do the right thing to the best of his abilities. This may be time to dig out an episode of B5 in tribute to him, alothough anytime I’ve gone back to the series after season 5 (and Crusade. And the god awful Legend of the Rangers) it’s lefrt me wondring why I cared so much about this series. II’ll have to make sure it’s a good one.

  2. Frank over at Cathode Ray Tube suggested “And The Sky Full of Stars” as an ideal tribute. You had another thought in mind, didn’t you? “World Without End”, yes?

  3. Thank you for a lovely post, and what very upsetting news. I’d been offline for more than a week and just happened upon it here while looking up your review of The Plane Makers – we’ll miss him, as well (despite him being known in our household, similarly, as Commander Woodentop). He anchored that first season, but for me his standout moment is the more weary, laid-back messiah on his return – an outstanding performance.

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