4 comments on “A few words for Colin Baker

  1. Peri and Peri and Peri. Nicola and Nicola and Nicola. Nuff Said. Oh and something about Colin Baker SHOUTING a lot…?!
    Gary Cady – Now a tree… Well, he certainly was *wooden*. Boom Boom!

  2. It’s worth saying that although I may not like Mr Baker’s interpretation of the Doctor *on-screen* (the triumphal audio incarnation is another matter) or the dross he was often lumbered with he seems an awfully nice chap who was treated abominably and there *are* things to enjoy in his tenure (as you point out, tho’ I’d vociferously argue against some of the things you mention, and *not* because I’m contrary either!). And who could dislike Nicola Bryant’s beautiful sarcastic Peri even when the material let her down? No one!

  3. Oh dear. Have you found an archive stash of DWB’s online? Or did you decide to watch Doctor Six overview of the Trial box set? Well, whateverit was that fired your anger, I agree with you.

    Poor Colin was hampered by a production team that seemed to have no idea what to do, and a BBC heirarchy that was initially uncaring, and then after the cancellation crisis, actively aggressive. He never did anything wrong himself, he gave the best performnce he could (and it’s usually damn good), possibly his biggest flaw was that toed the party line. So when JNT told him to wear that costume in publicity appearances, Colin turned up and told everyone that he thought it was great. That’s just part of the job, but a lot of fans seemed irate that he didn’t sign on as the Doctor, and thern immediately start shouting that the scripts were awful, and the programme needed a new Hinchcliffe in charge.

    Still, Big Finish have worked miracles for the poor soul. He’s President of DWAS now, isn’t he? I don’t think anyone would have anticipated that in 1986.

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