2 comments on “Jon Lord 1941 – 2012

  1. A lovely piece about a dearly missed man. I was at the NEC in 1993 when things fell apart, my overall memory of that night being Jon playing his backside off to try and make something of the show. The Aston Villa Leisure Centre gig on the Purpendicular tour was fantastic, and the NEC gig of the 2002 tour had that same response when Jon took his place at the keyboards. How many cried at that moment? I certainly did.

    Jon Lord was a true gentleman in a time where such conduct is looked down upon. We could learn a lot from the man Kerrang! described as The World’s Most Gentlemanly Headbanger.

    Thank you for writing this lovely piece.

  2. Hi, Jamie.

    Thanks so much for commenting. My experiences of Purple gigs match yours pretty much precisely – swap in Glasgow shows for the Aston Villa and NEC 2002 gigs, but the memories are more or less the same. I still can’t quite believe that Birmingham 1993 show ever happened. Jon meant (and means) an awful lot to me. I’m really glad you liked my little tribute.

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