2 comments on “Review – Deadly Dangerous Tomorrow

  1. Gosh. This plot sounds absolutely insane, and not in a good way. Does this book give any indication of why WATCH DOOM went so off the rails? Was it the typical TV exec’s approach of “This series is an unexpected hit, let’s change it to be like everything else”?, or do you think that the original concept had a limited shelf life, and had to change or die?

  2. The Terence Dudleyan touch of – very dull – death (doom) strikes for the first time. Alienating creators out of a misplaced faith in his own talent/ judgment and duly ruining the series seems to have been a pastime for him. Ego, where is thy Sting! And Lo! John Nathan-Turner later hires him to write for Doctor Who (a series he disparaged). Words fail me…!

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