2 comments on “Carrie

  1. This is a beautiful piece, differs. it’s a shame that Carrie sometimes gets overlooked by people focussing on the stupider UNIT family, but she never delivered anything less than a perfect performance. The decision to replace her with Jo “Whoop, sorry Doctor!” Grant was a rare mis-step from Barry, but we have her one season to enjoy.

  2. Sometimes – just sometimes – the popular opinion is right on the money. Season 7 really is that good, and so much of that’s down to the rock-solid work of the cast. Jon’s never been better. Nick and Carrie match him beat-for-beat, line-for-line. You get that right and you can lift the most mundane of scripts. Season 7 was blessed with Holmes, Mac and Sloman writing out of their skins, and a Terrance salvage-job on a Whitaker script that works so much better than it has any right to. We’ve been very lucky over the years to have so many high spots in Doctor Who and Season 7’s higher than most. I’m so glad Carrie was there to make it all even better.

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