4 comments on “Review – Iron Sky

  1. As you said, it’s not subtle. But it is astonishingly entertaining, whilst still managing to switchback in it’s last shot. I can’t think of a single duff performance in Iron Sky, which is a rare thing in this day and age, and for every plot development that has me thinking “Bit convenient, that”, with less then 30 seconds pondering, a perfectly logical explanation presents itself.

    This is a film that makes you think “I’d love to see the deleted scenes”, because there are some moments where the plot seems to skip a couple of steps. It doesn’t hurt the film, you just think “I bet that scene would have been fun”. And then I looked at the DVD, and was disappointed to find there were no deleted scenes. But considering how this film was made, it’s no wonder there was no money to film anything outside the bare bones of the film.

    On the plus side, according to Wikipedia (the repository of all truth on this world), the director is planning a prequel and sequel. Tidy.

  2. Did you spot the post-credit shot, HB? Presumably there to leave wiggle-room for the sequel. Given how the film ends, there’s got to be somewhere else for them to go…

  3. Do you mean the transition shot to Mars? Given the state that this film leaves the Earth and the Moon in, I’m not sure where they could go with this, unless it’s Martians seeing the state of the world, and decide to invade, and the Earth and Moon-kind have to work together to repel them. Which seems a bit mundane, considering how this film plays out.

  4. Gyaaaa! Try Starwreck for insanity, made by the very same finn with public money only. I must asmit, I watched Starwreck first, sadly, it ruined Iron Sky for me.

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