5 comments on “Review – Animal Kwackers : The Complete Series

  1. Just a moment – does that freaky, giant , blue lion really put on a pair of giant,blue spectacles to read from the Animal Kwackers Storybook? It’s a miracle that you grew up to be as normal as you are.

  2. It’s always been the Beatles’ recordings that were difficult to clear (though I believe it’s loosened up a bit recently). The publishing rights on cover versions like the Kwackers’ have never been quite as difficult clear. Lew Grade’s canny move on The Prisoner was paying the extra to clear the mechanical rights on the original recording of All You Need Is Love in perpetuity (he part owned the publishing rights on it at the time anyway).

  3. I was between 17 to 19 when programme first aired.I used to hurry home from work at dinner time on a thursday to watch,( it even running home so i’d catch the very beginning.) The show was pure genius and like rainbow also on tv it was watched by all ages of people . This show had a great effect on my life and long may it reign!

  4. I loved Animal Kwackers at the time, but had completely forgotten about it until I saw a clip on one of the 100 Best/100 Worst shows circa 2000. I guess I’d never had cause to think about it since it was last screened in 1979.
    It served me well though – if the aim of the show was, as you say, to introduce pre-schooler’s to pop music that’s exactly what it did for me. By the time I was 3 in late 76 my weekly treat was to stay up on thursday to watch Top Of The Pops, and a lifelong love of music was in place (as well as a fondness for TOTP). I was writing down the Top Forty every week at 7, and reading Smash Hits at 10 – and it all might be down to Animal Kwackers… credit where credit is due.

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