5 comments on ““This is a very poor cross-examination, I must say”

  1. Fabulous – I confess complete ignorance of this, and your article makes me want to know more. Thanks Walter!

  2. I had a very small involvement in this article if I recall, but the end product is almost entirely you. Great article, thanks for posting it and allowing a larger audience to see it.

  3. couldn’t disagree more – Frost fails to get anything out of the man. Instead of asking him difficult questions (or even getting his research right) he just glares at him, losing professional composure.

  4. Frost was not in control. An Asian Sri Lankan completely took on the British public viewers, audience and Frost head on.
    The British completely annihilated India, Sri Lanka & the neighboring countries , until of 20 years back as of the date 1966 or whatever time. The British then government and it’s people killed,plundered,terrorized and stole from these countries for 3 centuries.
    Now one well spoken , calm , composed & witty chap challenges that. So righteous is Britain.

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