5 comments on “It’s alright. I’ve had a good life. I’m nearly twelve.

  1. Ah but didnt young River at some point live in that orphanage?. And regenerated in a New York back alley (before or after the orphanage?) Also, if thats the case then exactly how mad are Amy & Rory going to be when they realise they *have* to give the baby up after all?

  2. Oh, difbrook. As you know, it was an episode that left me gasping. When Spitfires in space and pirates raiding an Evil Empire Star Destroyer only get one second of screen time, you know that this is an episode full of impact. And it was.

    Amy’s heartbroken scream of Rory’s name as her baby turned into yogurt in her arms, and Rory’s blank “Yeah, we figured that out” as the Doctor arrived too late, were real punches in the stomach, as was the death of poor little Lorna, who just wanted to meet the Doctor again. By all rights, this episode should have left the Doctor on a tear of righteous anger that would make Seven’s run look like hissy-fits, but instead he seems broken by the fact that he’s been so utterly played. And worse, by people who are terrified of him because of his doing good. The tragedy in Matts face as he repeated “Me…” was terrible, as he slowly came to realise that good men could see a perfect reason for doing terrible things to thwart him, when all he wants is to do good was heart-wrenching.

    And then, just as all seems lost – hope reappears. River appears, and at first it seems as though she’s heaping more woe on the Doctor’s shoulders, and then he realises. Poor Melody, lost and alone, becomes quite a fine person. Poor Melody, grows up to be as strong as Amy told her to be. And now, the Doctor has a clue where to look for her.

    Of course, this leads to more questions. Are there two female Time Babies floating around this series? Or will Melody grow up in the Silents control till she’s eight-ish, and then get placed by the Doctor into the 52nd century? In which case, why doesn’t River seem to remember being the little girl in the spacesuit?

    Oh, Mr Moffat. You are a teasy man.

    And for my money, that final shot of a dying screwdriver is the Master’s laser screwdriver. He comes back for a two second cameo, and then gets roasted by the Silents. For giggles.

  3. Truly astonishing stuff. While this lacked the grand concept of The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, this was always going to be a different beast as it was as much about set-up as resolution. And what a job the Moff does! Some old friends (maybe a few too many, but I’m not complaining), some wonderful new characters in Vastra and the glorious Strax, some moments of genuine horror (the Headless Monks, Amy’s Flesh baby exploding), and Rory’s low-key but utterly heart-wrenching “Yeah, we figured that out.” Can someone just time-shift us straight to autumn, please?

    Here are my thoughts on both the mid-season finale and the half-season as a whole:

  4. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I’m constantly stunned and flattered by how much thought goes into the responses to these reviews. Makes ’em worth doing. Good people, the lot of you.

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