8 comments on “You know, I’m starting to get a sense of how impressive it is to hang out with me

  1. Given your invocation of Frankenstein, when you cited Lee and Herring, I felt almost sure you were about to quote the following (http://www.leeandherring.com/monster/index.html):

    RICH Well Stew, we’ve seen some pretty terrifying monsters tonight, a dalek, a Kraaken


    RICH a Frankingstein.

    STEW Frankenstein’s monster

    RICH Nancy Lam

    STEW She wasn’t one of the monsters Rich

    RICH Really. Well, and six other monsters which I’ve forgoten. sbut I’d ask you this question who is the worst monster of all, is it really the Medusa, the snake haired temptress thing or is it another monster, a monster responisble for some of the most despicable crimes of all time, the monster we call….man. Aaaaaaah!

    STEW It’s the Medusa Rich. That’s the monster in that question.

  2. I can’t agree with you about the Amy-ganger. I didn’t pick up on it until the rewatch, but the Doctor says he’s breaking the link between ganger and original Amy, not actively destroying the ganger. If ganger-Amy had been made capable of self-awareness, I’m sure the Doctor would have helped her the same way he helped the other gangers this epsiode. But the Amy we’d been watching since (at least episode 2) was a fake, and now the boys are on the trail.

    Should the Doctor have wiped ganger-Amy, or should he have hoped that she could grow to independence? Well, maybe she could, but until that day, she was an unwilling spy for the enemy. Plus, if a woman gives birth whilst unconscious, it lessens the survival chances for her, if not the baby. Waking Amy up was for her own good.

  3. Hm. That last point makes excellent sense. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t pick up on that one, choob that I am. Thanks for pointing that out. I definitely need to rewatch all of this season again. Probably after next week’s episode…

  4. Oh, and of course the other big thing is that it wasn’t the Ganger Doctor to whom Amy revealed she’d seen him did.

  5. I agree on the Amy ganger – it’s not a sentient ganger therefore he is essentially just waking up the real Amy. It’s still a pretty harsh wake up call, but then the new Doctor has often been pretty harsh when it comes to what he asks of his assistants. I think especially in the case of Eccleston/Rose. So I can run with the idea that he thinks she is better off awake and can make herself more useful. One would think he might be slightly more encouraging or inspiring… but there you go.

    There were several points of interest for me. I am very interested to see how Rory handles all this. I suspect that the next episode’s title refers to him not the doctor. If so, this could back up my Amy-is-River’s-Mum theory. If you recall she said she was in prison for killing a good man, the best man she had ever known. If that refers to Rory, then I see added support to Rory as Daddy. For any women only two men could beat the Doctor to that title. If the best man you’ve ever known is not the Doctor, nor the love of your life (in River’s case, seemingly also the Doctor), then it’s your father. So either River kills the Doctor in which case she is the kid in the space suit, or she kills her father, which can’t be the Doctor (pretty sure they’re not going for an incest story line) so pretty much must be Rory.

    Of course I could be completely wrong. In the next episode the trailer does seem to suggest we will find out who River is. Obviously it has be pretty big deal for it to pay off. I’ve rattled a few ideas around, such as River being a timelord but she’s never been portrayed as his equal, either in her behaviour or her capabilities. Certainly she’s pretty handy to have around but she still has deferance, for example. He’s the boss because he’s the Doctor. She could at a stretch be the master but why the change of heart? (or should that be sanity?)If she’s half timelord somehow, then maybe that could work but that is a naff idea. She can’t be related to him in anyway otherwise they would never have kissed. The revelation that she is his wife or something doesn’t have enough pay off as we have already kind of been told that. We ‘know’ they have/will have a relationship. What I don’t really understand is how that works, as I don’t see how that can occur without us seeing some of it. I can’t see them making a load of episodes where they have pillow fights/picnics/penetration/whatever. When does River get taught to fly the tardis?(and who teaches her?) We haven’t even established if this is ‘her’ doctor. Yet they seem to be intending to wrap the whole thing up this season. I’m totally intrigued.

    Another point of interst for me was the ganger Doctor telling Amy to “push when she says”. How does he know she is about to give birth, and how does he know she is going to be told to push, let alone by a she? Do the gangers share some consciousness? A little bit of hive mind perhaps? (ie ganger doctor is aware because ganger Amy is subconsciously aware)But at the end of the episode didn’t the Doctor say something at the end about their coming to this planet because he wanted to see the beginning/source. In which case Amy pregnant and about to pop is not happening at the same time, but in the future. Which would mean ganger doctor knows what is happening to Amy in the future. Which means my head hurts.

    And another thing… (bored of my rantings yet?) If gangers take on all physical attributes of their originals -born out by the shared aneurysm of whatserface- Is the ganger doctor actually a timelord? And therefore, does he regenerate? If so, then there’s a lot more credence for Mr Makos’ theory that the doctor killed in the first episode is the ganger doctor. We may have seen ganger doctor turn into mush but they left some meaty (sorry) possibilites open there. I think he said something about being kept in collective flesh memory but I don’t recall what. There’s some interesting options from the flesh basically having a doctorblueprint. Not really the sort of thing you should leave hanging around…

    Any chance that the flesh is the origin of the living plastic lot? It was implied that the Doctor knew the flesh, but that might have just been referring to the Amy ganger.

    I’ve been trying to figure out when Amy got switched. In the first episode she briefly thinks she might be preggars but then later says it was a false alarm. Obviously it’s before Frances Barber starts playing peek-a-boo, but was it before or after the Silence took her? Are they responsible for all this? Makos thinks this was later though. If so then what use would ganger Amy be to them? (remembering that they claimed to have had her for some time) and who on earth has hernow?

    Anyway that’s quite enough rating for now…

    p.s. Just in case you fancy a big juicy headfuck

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