4 comments on “Okay, Scene 23 takes place on another planet … so you think aliens eat apples?

  1. Well, that was a really nice read, Walt. Beautifully put/said!

    I actually hated “SG-1” the first time I saw it. I watched a couple of episodes (crucially, not “Children Of The Gods”) and just felt it was sci-fi by numbers, a Trek-lite that seemed utterly predictable. Happily, I was persuaded to give it another chance and second time around (watching from the beginning this time), it took. The leads were, without exception, great for just the reasons that you give here, and it rapidly became a favourite.

    Killing off Daniel was an epic fail of the first order. Some numpty in an office probably felt Daniel was the most disposable character, the remainder being crucial to the plot or to s particular demographic; they couldn’t have got it more wrong. Daniel always was the heart of the show: SG-1 without him was just a yawning chasm of emptiness. Jonas was a perfectly good replacement in some ways, but the character was misused as a Daniel substitute when he was clearly intended to be a completely different character, and the show totally lost its way without Daniel around to act as a counterpoint to Jack – a situation exacerbated by Anderson’s increasingly evident boredom with his role. By the time season 8 arrived, and with it the ‘end’ of the Go’auld plotline, I just didn’t care anymore. Some fun time travel aside, SG-1 shuddered to an end with a whimper rather than the fireworks I was hoping for. It was with very mixed feelings that I saw it renewed for a seemingly inexplicable 9th season.

    However, this is where we’ll have to agree to disagree. The Ori saved SG-1. Well, it’s not *that* simple: Browder and Black saved SG-1, the Ori just gave the characters a halfway interesting enemy for the first time since the Replicators first appeared. Yes, the Ori were essentially a clumsy post-9/11 allegory, but I found the science/faith questions dredged up by their presence a lot of fun, and their seeming omnipotence presented serious challenges for the SGC that nothing else had managed to since the very early days of the show. The season 9 finale had me on the *edge* of the edge of my seat, the first time that had happened in about 5 seasons, and the ‘new’/revised team gelled in a way that made me faintly sorry that Browder & Black hadn’t been there all along. Season 10 was an unalloyed delight – nary a dull moment, with priceless character development and surprise-a-minute action to be had every week. “Unending” is one of the most amazing series finales of all time. Rather than fading out on a whimper, Season 10 gave SG-1 the send-off it deserved. It’s a pity that the subsequent TV movies didn’t quite deliver the same intensity, but hey, even they weren’t bad. Except for the bits with Anderson in, as he still looked bored to be there.

    Besides. Claudia Black. Wow. 😉

    Totally agree with you regarding “Atlantis”. I actually felt Tori Higginson improved dramatically over time after a very rocky start, but you’re right, the changes of cast were cumulatively successful. Sheppard was the perfect foil for Ronon, and the show delivered on practically every count. Unlike you, I even loved the Wraith (essentially a Borg susbtitute, but hey, they were great fun and formidable enough to provide some real hazard). The Genii were a waste of space (not to mention a waste of the eternally superb Colm Meaney), though.

    I’ve never watched an episode of “Stargate: Universe”. Now it’s been canned, I’m not sure what to do… :-).

    You know, I’ve never

  2. Excellent analysis, difbrook! I think that you’ve pretty much covered everything that I feel about this series, although I don’t think that you give SG1 enough credit for being willing to be so silly. The Wormhole X-treme episodes are a joy from start to finish, and I’m still annoyed that we didn’t get a Teal’c: PI spin off. I’m also ridiculously fond of the Dan Castellaneta episode (“Daniel! NOOOOOOO!!!”), which raises another good point.

    SG1 did the best bottle shows, ever. To the point where I would actively look forward to them, rather then rolling my eyes, as I do when Trek or Who make such stories. I mean, how often do you get to see a Grey Alien called Thor do an impersonation of Jacqueline Pearce? Classic.

  3. Thank you, both. How wonderful to think that it wasn’t just me was a bit put out when it all ended.

    And marvellous points made as well – bottle shows are a curse, but SG1 did them splendidly. They also made a point of doing something different with clipshows as well. The aforementioned “Daniel! NOOOOOO!!” Being a classic case. I had intended to mention Wormhole Xtreme / 200 somewhere in there, but it got lost along the way. Both superb, and how lovely to see a series so comfortable in its own skin that it felt able to take the rampant piss out of itself. Peter DeLuise was a highlight in those eps – constantly shouting “BIGGER!” at the explosives boys setting up a particularly big bang. Not to mention Martin having the Wormhole XTreme theme as his ringtone in 200, Cameron pointing out that if you replace a beloved team member with someone younger and prettier but otherwise give them exactly the same lines, no-one will notice…

    I fear we’ll have to disagree on Seasons 9 and 10, HippyDave – at least until some point in the future when I finally get around to watching them again. I will say this, though – there are a couple of corkers in S10. Watching T’ealc taking down Craig Fairbrass was a highlight, as was the episode where everyone gets caught in a siege situation and Daniel throws a wobbly at the hostages for not understanding the rules. Bliss.

  4. I’ve just remembered a priceless SG-1 episode ending. Jack and T’ealc, pondering how they’re going to spend some of their precious free time…

    T’EALC I have heard that in this city there are some establishments where women wrestle in Jello.

    JACK (Urgently, desperately) GET DANIEL!!!

    I love that. The idea of the boys heading out on a lad’s night out, and the fact that despite Daniel being the sensitive, gentle type he’d be as up for this rambunctious, extremely suspect silliness as anyone else…

    Well, it was either that, or them going home to watch Star Wars. Which as we all know, T’ealc has watched at least forty times…

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