3 comments on “Yes, it’s insane. And it’s about to get even more insaner. Is that a word?

  1. You’ll have your favourites. The Moonbase, perhaps. Fury From The Deep, certainly.

    What? I’m sorry, surely you mis-typed to not mention The Ice Warriors Commander Vincent in this list?

    I’m unsure on this one – think I’ll need to see it again with part 2. There’s a lot of potential. But I have the fear that it’s going to turn into a story where the Doctor is left mourning that there should have been another way, whilst yet another Crazy Woman Lady starts a war for no obvious reason.

    On the other hand, if poss!gang!Rory and gang!Jen run off together, maybe Amy will be a bit more considerate to her husband. And it would be nice if Roiry explicitly stated that he understands the views of duplicates who think they’re real.

    And finally – Doctor? SMBH is a cracker of a tune, why not try Uprisinbg? I think you’d dig it, after all, it’s goit your theme tune in it?

  2. I know what you mean about Amy’s characterisation. It is definitely a different Pond this season, but I guess that’s because last year it was all just one big adventure and this year she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders with her pregnancy/not-pregnancy and the Doctor’s secret. Plus, of course, there’s the additional dynamic with Rory as well, who has really carved out a niche as the compassionate member of the Tardis crew (as well as being the most death/accident-prone one).

    As you said, I agree this was an okay episode. Not great, not awful. But it did have a 1970s Who feel to it which, given that it was written by Graham and has Marshall Lancaster in it, is kind of fitting. Fire up the Tardis, Raymondo?

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