4 comments on “Did you wish really hard?

  1. I second this. YAY 😀

    Although Makos is completely right about the ‘pull to open’ sign. The sign is or the phone cupboard door, not the entrance. It’s a sign for the public needing the emergency call, ie ‘in case of emergency break glass’ and would not be refering to the box itself. The police box itself was for storing police bikes, road signs and probably crisps or something.
    It doesn’t actually matter and we can excuse it because it’s a nice idea, besides Idris is a tardis not a police box. She can be wrong, and so on. But it is a mistake and I’m surprised no one caught it. I assumed they were quite strict on that sort of thing.

    Further to the Rory thing did you hear his line “every night they come. They hurt me. They do things to me”? (or something to that effect)This could be dismissed as part of the mental torture shenannigans inflicted by the House but I suspect it’s more of the same. Ohhh Rory… I suspect big things for you, my boy.

    Lastly did you see the thing on the beeb site about the two scenes that were cut that Gaiman most missed? It’s QI.

    I really hope Gaiman writes for Who again. The positive feedback has been pretty mental so let’s hope that helps.

  2. Blimey. He did say that, didn’t he? I forgot that completely. Good spot. I’m beginning to wonder if Rory’s the single most ill-starred companion there’s ever been. Sarah was recurrently hypnotised. Peri ended up with the universe lusting after her. Ace… well, I haven’t got room to list all of Ace’s “problems”. At least none of them died off, week in and week out. All of this has to mean something. Bearing in mind that the arch-plotter’s in charge now, even the episodes which he didn’t write will have been shaped by him. We’ll have to see…

  3. Have you heard about him being called Kenny? (Southpark)
    I love it.
    I am now strangely looking forward to the next time he dies so I can join in at home. In fact I may have to invent a drinking game to run along side.

    On a slightly more serious I wonder if this is just dramtic chain yanking or if hisrepeated deaths will actul mean something. Perhaps Rory is not ‘meant’ to be alive and they plan to take a ‘final destination’ approach. Stretch? Yes probably, but you never know. And isn’t that just lovely? 🙂

  4. Fantastic review, diffy. And there was one wonderful moment that you overlooked – as Idris and the Doctor gaze out on the landscape of crashed TARDISes, the Doctor squees that they have a means of escape. Idris points out that she’s looking at the corpses of her sisters, the and Doctor is almost embarrassed by his lack of consideration. Lovely moment. Lovely episode. And with the Moff in charge, I doubt that anything we see will be a throw away matter. It all means something.

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