6 comments on “The little girl gets frightened, the most powerful man on Earth gets a phone call

  1. Another masterful analysis, difbrook. I agree with you, at times Amy’s focus on the Doctor appears to reach Ten/Rose levels of obnoxious co-dependecy, but as the episode moves on, she very clearly defines what the men in her life mean to her. The Doctor is her best friend, the one she turns to when nasty aliens have pinched her away to God knows where. Rory is her husband, who always comes to find her. Amy may still be stuck in her childish manner of expressing affection via insults, but when she has to say what she actually means, her feelings are wonderful. She loves Rory as much as the rest of us do.

  2. I’ve been surfing about to see reactions to this episode, and quite a lot of people have been complaining that the Doctor has ‘forced’ humanity to commit genocide. I don’t see it, but it caused me to ponder the Doctor’s Big Plan, and I’ve had a few thoughts:

    Are the Silents on Earth the only ones? They’re extraterrestrial, and they have access to a time/space ship. Even if they were somehow stranded on Earth, surely they would spread themselves to other worlds just to protect the race, given how often the Earth is targeted by aggressive aliens. So genocide, no.

    We can’t hold a dialogue with the Silents, due to their very nature. Either humanity submits to them, or we give them a bloody enough nose that they avoid us in future.

    The plan only really works, if you have a weapon in your hands when you see a Silent. Otherwise you see one, the message kicks in, you look around for a weapon…but when you’ve found one, you don’t remember what you need it for. You’re just left with a weapon in your hands, and a powerful feeling that you should be killing…someone. Maybe that’s the origin of people going postal? By the same reasoning, Texas should be completely free of Silents, and Britain should be their favourite place in the world.

    The footage of the Moon landing was probably on every screen for years after it occurred, but humanity’s interest in it has waned, along with our interest in space travel. Maybe without the Silents pushing us, we become more insular, and less interested in boldly going, and watching footage of having boldly gone?

    Eventually humanity will look out to space again, probably in self defence from all of the races who keep coming here. When Adelaide stepped onto the Martian surface, I’m sure that the Armstrong footage was everywhere. But eventually the message will become a half second clip in a montage of people going to Mars, leaving the solar system, making the first official contact with alien races. When space travel becomes common enough, Armstrong’s footage will be just a historical curiosity, and the message buried within it will be lost.

  3. HB, you put me to shame. Very little of any of that has crossed my mind. Why aren’t you blogging these things yourself? You’re superb.

  4. …and not just because they’re both Redheads!

    [early disclaimer: this is a meandering load of nonsense with dreadful grammar, crude explanations, and so on – apologies – but I’m on a big rant rather than trying to keep up with your collectively excellent blogging skills!]

    Ok so it starts with the question of just who’s in the spacesuit. Yes it could be the doctor but they have played that card a few times already. Yes it could be Rory (Amy could die and Rory takes revenge on the person he perceives responsible?) but blah blah blah…Yes there are tonnes of possibilities but I’m leaning heavily to River being in the suit.

    1. Her recognition (memory?) of the shooter and subsequent silence on the subject. She doesn’t give any indiation of this o the other companions. This also works with silence as a theme, rather than just the new monster. People are not telling the whole truth and this especially applies to River as she always knows more than she is prepared to share.

    2. She failed to shoot he shooter – because it’s herself, paradox etc. After all Amy managed to put a bullet hole in the spacesuit and she’s presumably a crapper shot. When she fails to do any damage she is unsurprised and says “No. Of course not”

    3. There’s a lot of trust stuff going on. Amy/Rory would have told the Doctor all about it if not for River. Dramatically it would be great to have them betrayed in this way even if River’s motive turns out to be honourable/right/understandable

    4. Dramatically it also makes symmetrical sense for River to be present at the Doctor’s death, as he was at hers. This would obv tally with their timelines running in direct opposition, but this means she needs to be a child (or a “young girl”as she descibes herself) and not know who he is.

    5. She continues to choose to return to a prison she can escape from. Guilt? Penance?

    6. What seals it for me is her line about killing the best man she ever knew. Who could top the Doctor in her eyes?*

    [*shit – sudden thought
    who is the only man who could top the Doctor? Not a lover because in this case appears to be one and the same anyway. But perhaps her father?? = River kills Rory???]

    It certainly looks like the child is Amy’s, unless we are being led up the garden path with the photo scene. Certainly with Moffat’s new dramatic style we can’t take anything for granted and Frances Barber’s “she’s only dreaming” line does keep the options open for pretty much anything… But if we run with Amy being the mother then it’s not a massive leap to put the two together and bingo – she’s River’s mother.

    I’ve seen a few supporting ideas online. The similarity in their watery names and ok obviously their hair colour…
    I have heard it suggested that River’s diary might in fact be Amy’s, partially because it looks a little like the raggedy doctor fangirl creations of her childhood. This could explain River knowing so much about the Doctors experiences when she is rarely about.
    I could blether on but you get the idea.

    Could this tie in with the end of the previous series? I wondered at the time how it was that River was able to remember the Doctor when he didn’t exist. She had to remember him to be able to deliver the diary to the wedding – but how? Even if Amy is River’s mother and gave her the diary, in the future, it doesn’t explain why it’s blank yet River memory isn’t. Where does River come from anyway? Some sort of uncollapsed quantum future?

    Ah yes… getting ahead of myself. Quick mention of Schrodingers baby. Could Amy be both pregnant and not pregnant? This potentially could get interesting if they go down the quantum route. Is it possible for both to be simultaneously true somehow because Amy/Rory/Doctor/River remember time that didn’t happen? Does this mean that the wave function hasn’t been properly collapsing into one timeline? Therefore Amy gets to be pregnant and not pregnant and later (she or another char) could even be dead and not dead? I’m not suggesting a return to parallel universe stuff, but that both realities (or multiple realities) are existing in the same place at the same time. I don’t know much about the whole quantum malarky and this would probably be a bit far out for present day Who, but I’d be interested to hear any thoughts.

    Okay so the Amy-is-River’s-mother theory has one major problem with it: River said that she first met the doctor when she was just a girl and that he knew everything about her and her timeline. He doesn’t at the moment and I can’t see how he can get to know/experience all that in a couple of episodes.

    I have no theories for how the child has a ‘time head’. For some reason I’m not really guessing. Perhaps because I’m worried the reason might be crap.
    A few folk seem to be considering the Jenny option for our mini timelady but I’m not expecting Moffat to go that way. I would expect that particular storyline to hold up at a later date, on it’s own and without tying into to current plotlines.
    Of course she could be the Master or the Doctor himself but I don’t like those apples either. She clearly knows about the whole regeneration bit, so we can infer that she has experienced it before. That’s q interesting. As for Amy’s concern about tardis travel affecting her pregnancy? I hope not. It just seems a bit weak. Basically I’m not too concerned about it, just a little concerned that they have decent justification.

    A big question for me is about Rory. The Doctor asks him if he remembers the 2000 year wait for Amy (in ‘deleted’ time). There’s obviously a reason for this dialogue and I’m sure that it will prove to be significant. For one thing, his 2000 year wait effectively makes him the human most exposed to the machinations of the Silence lot and their mindwiping shennanigans. Much less time had unfortunate results for the mind of the orphanage chap, Renfrew. I suspect that this will have serious repercussions.

    I also suspect Amy has soon had her day. Apart from the Silence lot saying her part was over (which may mean little or only be to do with her pregnancy stuff ) I think she has pretty much run her course as a charater. I wonder if they might kill her off and develop Rory’s character. Obv he could go pretty mental if his wife died. Could we see an evil Who assistant? Or perhaps he just buggers off to raise their child?

    Other issues are yet to be resolved. Who was controlling the Tardis when River lost control at the end of last season? Who’s voice says “Silence will fall”?

    Either way the second episode was great. I’m chomping at the bit to see what unfolds! 😀

    p.s. Any and all feedback greatly appreciated. Please don’t bother with any writing critique (I know it’s awful) but do ask questions if I’ve made no bloody sense!

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