11 comments on “Tears, Sarah Jane?

  1. Thank you
    You made me cry
    Perfect (almost as perfect as Sarah-Jane)
    She will be missed across the globe
    missing SJS in Australia

  2. This was beautifully written. I can’t believe she is gone 😦 I keep thinking of how many years I have spent watching her, and how much I loved Sarah Jane, and how impressed I was with everything I ever read of Lis in interviews – her bluntness, her dedication to her work, to the character, her humor.

    I am so glad you chose the photo of Harry and Sarah. Lis often talked about Ian Marter and how underrated and wonderful he was. I have often wondered if the references to Harry that were in Sarah Jane Adventures were her contribution. The only way I can deal with this is to know that Ian and Lis, and of course Nick and Barry and so many others, are together again, catching up on old times.

  3. Angela and Carl – thank you both. This was one blog posting I never wanted to write. Indeed, never expected to write. The idea of Lis not being here was so far beyond conception…

    The Ian and Lis picture was absolutely deliberate. For me Tom, Lis and Ian are the textbook team. Nobody was ever better.

  4. A fitting tribute. I’m sure the BBC will mark Lis’s passing (long before her time) with a small insert in this weekend’s opening episode too, which would be only fitting. A small part of my childhood has been lost. Terribly sad.

  5. If there isn’t a dedication attached to this week’s episode Tim, I’ll be very surprised. Lis deserves one. Hopefully Steven will be able to get something sorted in time.

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