11 comments on “Review – Jokers Wild : The Complete Series 1

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  2. So basically, it’s Mock The Week, minus the savage political overtones? (Stands back, waits for explosion)

    The thing that jumps out at me from this piece is how some names are immediately recognisable, and others just evoke a query of “Who?” Do some names live beyond their time because of their comedy skillo or is it all because they tied their name to a successful concept? Answers on a postcard please…

  3. Mock The Week? (Draws breath, holds it, exhales) nah, I refuse to rise to that one, young lady.

    I think in the case of quite a few of the people here, it’s simple. They really were that good, they were able to maximise their exposure on television, and they became beloved because they were – quite simply – at the top of their game. Always. Seriously, the episode with Roy Hudd and Les tag-teaming to take Ray Martine out is side-hurtingly funny…

  4. Stumbled on this via a link from a discussion on Roobarbs. A really excellent detailed review, thanks!

  5. Got this set on the strength of this review (again linked from Roobarb’s). Fantastic stuff – many thanks! 🙂

  6. Absolutely hilarious. I love it and it is so intriguing from a sociological point of view regarding sexism, racism and gayness.

  7. Lovely review — I didn’t know series 1 existed, as it’s now been removed from Network. I got series 2 and mostly found it fascinating and enjoyable, a show to watch in batches on rainy days…and I do hope that, as you guess, they bring out the whole run.

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