6 comments on “Who takes The Pandorica, takes The Universe

  1. “a much beloved-by-the-public Doctor”

    Let it go, difbrook!!! The nasty man is gone, and we have a far superior replacement.

    As always, I agree with your points. I wonder if the return of the Valeyard in this season (yes it was. Yes it was!!!) is a clue that the big bad intoning “silence will fall” is the Doctor himself? Is the silence message even a threat? Could it be a warning? Is there really a Doctor-shaped shadow in Amelia’s kitchen? Was the first image to flit across the screen as Elliot is being chased Alaya, or the Doctor? What’s going on??????

  2. Not to mention Alterna-Doctor in “Flesh And Stone”. I’m sticking with my explanation from the weekend, that those shadows are all Niblonians. You just wait and see.

  3. I’ve seen people online asking why these great enemies of the Doctor don’t just kill him? There’s an EDA written by Laurence Miles called Alien Bodies, in which someone threatening the Doctor says that most of his allies are terrified of him, and would kill him for their own peace of mind, if they weren’t aware of how powerful he is. The only thing that keeps them from killing him is the fear that he’d get up afterwards, and go from being an ally to an enemy. With that reasoning, I can see why all of the Alliance members might be a bit iffy about the idea of actually killing him. If one of the others stepped up and killed Eleven, they’d all claim responsibility…but not until they were really, really sure he was dead.

    The same book suggests that when the Doctor finally dies, his corpse will become something that many races will fight to possess, because he’s been exposed to so much weird stuff that examining his body could lead to huge scientific breakthroughs. Is it possible the Allies wanted to keep the Doctor alive to examine him, and learn what they could from him? Vengeance is nice, but a tactical advantage is better. And if Loz Miles knows that a Steven Moffat script reminds someone of one of his books, his little head will go ‘xplody.

    Wow. I love this episode, although like all two parters, I reserve the right to not commit to a final judgement until I see how it all hangs together. Was it perfect? Heck, no. We didn’t need the trifecta of cameos at the start, River could have uncovered the painting herself and brought it to the Doctor. But I’ve enjoyed this season so much, if Mr Moffat wants to bask in past glories, I don’t have a problem. Is it annoying that Eleven ignores the crack and the issue of Amy’s oddness until it’s shoved in his face? Very, but I have faith that this will be explained. If the idea of a time hopping Eleven comes to pass, maybe to keep his own timeline intact Eleven2 will leave Eleven1 a message telling him to ignore the crack as much as possible?

    And what a way to end the episode – Amy dead in the arms of the sobbing man who killed her, the Doctor locked away forever, hearing his enemies saying they’re saving the universe from him, whilst begging them to listen to him – phew. Is it Saturday yet?

  4. Tell you something else, surely if the Allies do this in order to save the Universe – doesn’t it shed a whole new light on everything the Doctor’s done in the past? Is Steven really hammering home that age old saw from Genesis Of The Daleks? Out of great evil, does some sort of ultimate good result?

    And if it really is The Doctor (or his Tardis, at least) that is going to be responsible for snuffing out the Universe – then surely the Time Lords are ultimately responsible? Their race, their technology after all.

    That being the case, were The Daleks really on the wrong side in The Time War?

  5. But the Time Lords would have stopped such a massive rupture in space-time. It has to register over .03 on the Bocha scale! And who stopped them from being there to do so? Mr MeercatSimples, that’s who.

  6. Of course, it’s fortunate that machine that Wilf got stuck in (thank you Wilf. Thank you so much, for more than you know) didn’t have a Briode Nebuliser as standard. Maybe that’s something Eleven2 nicks back to fix. Please god, let anybody reading this realise that I’m not being terribly serious about this…

    …well, most of it anyway.

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