3 comments on “Review – The Plane Makers

  1. “There are episodes here where you will want to hug him and tell him everything will be all right.”

    Hmmm – that sounds familiar…

  2. This set is currently enjoying its second run under my roof and the stories seem even better. The first time was on my ageing 28″ CRT which was getting fluffy around the edges and probably was appropriate for the age of the picture! This current showing is a revelation on my new 37″ flatscreen which has 100Hz refresh capability which interpolates new frames to provide smooth motion. This, in conjunction to noise reduction means that on playback, these recordings become artificially video-ised, playing an approximation of how it would have looked had it actually been from the original videotapes, give or take a few weaknesses in the film recordings of course. The effect is better here because the production was originally lit for video in the studio, and this shines through, helping the smooth motion track properly. I just can’t wait for the next volume which is overdue!

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