4 comments on “Hello, Mr Jorgensen? Can you hold, I have to eat a biscuit

  1. Once again, there is nothing I can add to your comments. Except, possibly this – someone much more clued in then me pointed out that this season seems to be refencing the modern horror genre a lot – Dark Water, for this episode. Now, who in old Who used to do that sort of thing? If Stephen Moffat thinks he can set himself up as the 21st century Robert Holmes, he needs a smack for his presumption. But my God, he fits the role like a glove.

  2. That’s a good call on Dark Water, actually. There were certainly elements of it this week, but that one’s more of a terribly tragic, sad ghost story. But yes, I can see where they’re coming from with that one.

    Does that mean there’s going to be an episode next year where Eleven finds himself trapped alone in a log-cabin in the woods, being beaten up by his own hand? We can only hope…

  3. Oh. My. God. If they do they…you know there’s only one guest star thay can recruit? Oh please. OhGodohpleaseohGod.

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