6 comments on “Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly? In the right order?

  1. Another beautiful post. It’s not a review, it’s an appreciation, and all the more valuable for it. I agree with you that this was a beautiful episode, and one that touched a very tender place in my heart. Like you say, if it helped even one person, then it’s the most important episode of Doctor Who yet made. And it made my tough, curmudgeonly heart soften to tears as I watched Vincent’s joy in discovering how loved he became.

  2. Thank you HB. A very much appreciated post. It really was beautiful, wasn’t it? Nice that over 700 episodes in, Doctor Who can still find new ways to surprise us.

  3. That’s why the show in on track to make it to it’s 50th year. I just hope the inevitable special episode broadcast on 23rd November 2013 will have half as much heart as this story. It’s the actions of our hero that make a celebration, the way he changes the world even if just in tiny ways, not cybermen and Daleks teaming up to thump Sutekh the Destroyer.

    There have been times when I’ve not been happy to admit to liking Who – embarrased, sheepish, shy – but this episode made me proud to love Doctor Who.

  4. I’ve just seen this episode tonight and have to say I found myself crying, something I have never done in an episode of Dr Who. And I have seen them all I think.

    Strangely I decided to google search “Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly? In the right order?” and find your beautifully blog.


  5. Thank you very much – most kind. Thank you for stopping by – hope you’ll be a regular visitor!

    So far as this episode is concerned, I saw it again recently. It still packs the same wallop it did back in June. Something for all involved to be deeply proud of.

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