2 comments on “Squeaky Fun Time!

  1. I wouldn’t say that Amy slowly changes – it’s the way she morphs from desolated fear that she’ll forget Rory to perkily asking what’s next in the space of three seconds that’s the real punch in the stomach. Hats off to Matt and Karen for the last five minutes – we’ve never seen a companion so shattered that they almost lash out at the Doctor physically, but that’s what we get here. I honestly thought Amy was going to hit Eleven as she lunged at the controls, and who can blame her? Once again, the Doctor has let her down hideously, and if he has to bear the weight of not being able to talk about Rory and his loss to anyone, then a part of me thinks he deserves it. Now??? This moment when you’re escaping from angry Silurians and the entire city is about to be destroyed, this is the time you think you should finally stick your hand in the Crack? Is this meant to be a parallel to the way that he allows Elliot to wander off to be kidnapped because he’s so focused in the immediate he doesn’t consider the immediate future?

    But…the ring. The ring box is still clearly seen in the last TARDIS scene, in fact someone goes to the trouble of setting up up the physical effect of the box falling to the ground as the TARDIS lands. If it was meant to hammer home Amy’s loss, then she would have picked it up and asked the Doctor where it came from. As it is, I hope that it’s a sign that the Crack is not all powerful. I don’t see how Rory can be brought back to life, because he was dead before the Crack got to him. But if his memory can be retreaved, that’s something. He deserves it.

  2. I don’t know. I just don’t know what’s happening, or where this is going. One things for sure, the wheels are about to come off the wagon for Eleven in a way we’ve never seen before. Disaster waits for him at the end of the season, I can’t help but think…

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