3 comments on “I’m making perfect sense. You’re just not keeping up.

  1. I would argue your thoughts that Rory was sidelined – surely Amy was to give Eleven and Roroy a chance to work together?

    Id like an explanation for why Rory pitched a fit over Amy wearing her engagement ring in public, or maybe it was what you referred to as Chibnall’s inability to move people from one plot point to another convincingly. See also the Doctor letting a young kid wander off alone while he’s preparing for an attack from unknown monsters! At least Matt played the realisation that he’d been a bit thick there wonderfully well.

    Future Amy and Rory? It felt weird that we didn’t get a cut-away to them, if they really were future Amy and Rory. This must be part of the timey-wimey weirdness of this season, but it is odd that the two of them just said “Oh, future us, OK.” Surely they’d want to take a look at their future selves? I don’t know, it felt like a very obvious piece of foreshadowing, and rather clumsy.

    Was Matt creepy when he asked Ambrose ‘nicely’ to leave the weapons behind? God yes, but Matt has always been capable of making simple lines seem threatening. See his delivery of “I like it when people say it’s bigger on the inside”.

    The Silurians – weren’t really. I’m thinking that their foreheads look as though it could hide a third eye, which would make them closer to the original, but…they still looked more like Star Trek reptile bipeds then Doctor Who ones, which I know sounds stupid, but there you are.

    All in all, it was rather average, but entertaining. Like all two parters, you really do need both episodes before you can judge it properly. It did seem oddly paced – I was quite surprised when I realised we’d come to the end of the episode, because I was sure we had more plot set up coming. Karen didn’t get a lot to do this episode, although the dissection set up was nicely unpleasant. And Action Rory!!! Coming roaring out of a Meals on Wheels van to capture a monster and save the world! God, I love this series!!!

  2. How many minutes did they say this week’s episode overran? Twelve minutes? Fifteen? Goodness, that shows signs of some structural problems…

  3. The next episode better be packed full of story, or I shall be very annoyed that s omuch was removed from this episode.

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