4 comments on “Always leaves you, doesn’t he? Alone in the dark, never apologises

  1. Wow. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Steven really was bringing Him back? And I don’t think it would be too complicated to actually name-check the Valeyard. Explaining where the Doctor has met Him before could be a bugger (“It was when my dead race had put me on trial in a spectacular effects shot for the second time for ignoring our policy of non-interference…) Explaing how the Valeyard can actually exist as a seperate phsyical entity is a bugger (“Erm, well, the High Council (our ruling body) used the Matrix (not the film, but sort of like it), to extract him from me, in order to steal my regenerations…no, that makes no sense. Damn, why didn’t I pin Madam Gravy or that Beardy Git down for some straight answers!?!?”) But the actually idea of the Doctor’s nastier sides coming out to play is straight out of Jekyll and Hyde and fairytales – it really should be no surprise that Mr Moffat gave us this story, should it?

    So, as usual, I agree with difbrook on almost everything. Except – if you think we’re getting married shortly, I don’t think you appreciate how long it will take to pick a dress.

  2. Hah. That “shortly” is used in the broadest possible sense. I mean in geological terms, it’s a handful of heartbeats…

    And I agree completely. I’m not marching up that aisle in a dress that’s anything less than perfectly suited to me. With my legs, that takes a lot of work.

  3. Don’t worry, baby. I’ll find you something that will match the peek-a-boo bra and frilly garter I’ve got set aside for you to wear.

  4. Blimey. I didn’t realise I was marrying Arnold J. Rimmer… that’ll surprise my parents.

    It was that routine where you said you were something big in stores that snagged me, obviously.

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