2 comments on “Review – The Sentimental Agent

  1. 1 – Varela doesn’t buy the swampland; he sells prefabricated houses to the man who bought the swampland. He spends most of the first part of the episode explaining this, and it is the reason he punches the villain of the piece.
    2 – It is not Zena Marshall who inherits the antique collection, it is the spectacular Imogen Hassall at the end of her first year of small-part-acting in television

  2. ITC features on the end credits each week. It says “An ATV production copyright MCMLXIII I.T.C. Incorporated Television Co. Ltd”

    Varela is in Meet My Son Henry. He gets to demonstrate how to break an armlock… Almost entirely missing though…

    That Carlos cameo in the final episode filmed is partly assembled from Carlos’ appearance in the Man Of The World episode, The Sentimental Agent. For example the sequence of him coming down the ramp is shortened and reversed. The boat scene with Shirley Eaton is reused back projected with Sheree Winton standing in front of Shirley Eaton with the image of Carlos Thompson projected behind her.

    Lovely article! I agree with most things you posted about the show. Thank you.

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