2 comments on “You… me… and handcuffs. Must it always end this way?

  1. Ahhh, difbrook. Once again you put into typing what I was thinking. Oddly enough, this time round I didn’t find River annoying at all – it’s her “I’m Sooooooo sexy!!!” thing that irks me, and here she was panicked, desperate and comforting, and far more likeable for it. When she makes her inevitable return for the finale, I think I might be pleased to see her.

    And Amy. Poor, frightened, lusty Amy. I’ve hated any of the shippyness that’s invaded Who since it’s return, but I really liked this scene. This isn’t a teenage declaration of “twu, twu love”, accompanied by sighs and lingering glances at the Doctor. This is a young, sexually confident woman, who wants to scratch an itch, and propositions the Doctor for some harmless, time killing fun. And his reaction to it was brilliant. Panic, startlement, and the awareness that just a couple of days ago, he was demanding that this little girl make him fish custard. Possibly my favourite second of this episode is the moment just before Amy jumps the Doctor – her hand sneaks onto his thigh, and for a split second he points at it, to draw her attention to this, because of course she can’t possibly be thinking of him in that way. It helps that Matt and Karen have chemistry flooding out of the screen. Indeed – roll on next week, even if it is ridiculously early.

    • Oh, I forgot about that little hand point. Wonderful, wasn’t it? Bloody Doctor Who. Best show in the world, even if I sometimes forget it…

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