7 comments on “Please-Excuse-Me-I-Have-Duties-To-Perform

  1. Clever Lupton!!! You’ve put all of my problems with this episode together, along with all of the bits that I loved. And I like your idea of the season arc – but if it’s true, why is the crack following Amy? And why does the Doctor notice this at the end of The Eleventh Hour, and yet not seem concerned? I’m hoping that this is a story like The Long Game – it’ll all make more sense when we see how the season plays out.

    But I’ll say this, I’m at this very moment splitting my attention between typing and re-watching the pilot for Stargate Universe. And I would rather watch iDaleks building androids controlled by love and RAF pilots going into space without batting a moustache then this adult, slick drama about gritty people being selfish and having meaningless sex in cupboards because of their emotional problems. Moffats Who – even when it’s nonsense, it’s quotable fun.

  2. That’s because – and I appreciate I’m somewhat blinkered here – Doctor Who’s the greatest programme ever. Even when it aggravates the hell out of me, it’s still An Exciting Adventure In Time And Space. Sometimes with Outer Space Robot People. Who could ask for more from a series?

    I’m willing to give Steven and company the benefit of the doubt here, because they’re terribly clever people. And since Steven’s plotting is usually so watertight, the fact that it isn’t in this series of Who (and he’d have had a lot to do with making sure that Mark’s script reached the screen, being head writer and all that)… well, it indicates to me that something’s up. Those glaring gaps may well be there for a reason.

  3. I think it’s also important to remember that Steven’s reputation for tight plotting comes from writing one or two episodes a year, or six episodes of a sitcom every few years. Now he’s got to produce a show like no other, on a reduced BBC budget. Give him time to find his feet. RTD’s first series would have been hellishly hit and miss if Eccles hadn’t strained muscle and sinew to hold it together, and improve it. Things get better if there’s talent involved, and I think this is the most talented bunch we’ve had working on Who for quite a while.

  4. Oh, amen to that. I have faith. Especially given that so far I’m still more excited about this season of Who than I have been for a hell of a long time. Even when it doesn’t hit the spot it still has me wondering why it didn’t, rather than getting me cross in the way that – oooh, Torchwood season 1 did.

  5. My thought exactly Walt. The first 15 minutes were great. You know me, the combination of Doctor Who, Daleks, Winston Churchill, Spitfires…this should have been my favourite ever episode. But it just didn’t seem to hang together properly.

    And of course, the anorak in me was sitting thinking “Those rifles are wrong for 1940. So are those Spitfires.” I need to get out more…

  6. Thing is, I’ve been here before with Doctor Who. There was a lengthy story arc that ran through Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor stories, starting with a story that focussed on the recording of Orson Welles’s “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast. It was riddled with inaccuracies and discrepancies.

    I smugly commented about this at the time.

    And it was deliberate. As I found out over the next five stories. Egg, relocated to face, that whole area. I’m not making that mistake again…

    And anyway, you shouldn’t get out more. Haven’t you got Beatles Rock Band to be practising these days?

  7. It felt like a collection of ‘moments’, rather then a story. But if you want to be a bitch about it, you could argue that Tomb of the Cybermen is half Hammer horror stiched onto half base-under-siege standard-Troughton story. I liked some of it. I liked the regulars in the rest of it. I’ll stay watching.

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