6 comments on “Sick Minds, Mister President. Sick Minds.

  1. Bravo, difbrook, bravo!!! I’ve been sniggering at all the hilarious memories you’ve rekindled, without spoliing anyone who’s coming to this fresh. I can only add my voice to difbrooks – buy this!! Just don’t be put off by the terrible jarring sensation as two diffent title sequences are bolted together at the start of each episode.

    Your dad’s got a nasty sense of humour, you know that?

  2. Wow. I felt exactly the same way when I was young. How old are you? I mean…my fears were as a result of watching Threads in 1984.

    • Um, let’s see… I’d have been about twelve, thirteen (I think). Threads was the one that did it for me too. I’ve seen it once. No urge to watch it again… ever!

  3. Actually, Threads was after this. I wonder what on earth triggered off my terror in the first place? Probably Not The Nine O’Clock News and their relentless doom-saying after Reagan got into The White House.

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