2 comments on “Nobody Human has anything to say to me today

  1. Wow difbrook, that head of yours is stuffed with thoughts, and they’re all good! I mostly agree with this review, although I’d say for a Moffat story it was oddly (almost badly) plotted. Normally his plots are tighter then a gnats chuff, but here things seemed a bit random. Why the Smilers? They didn’t do anything. Why were children who didn’t do their homework fed to a monster that wouldn’t eat them? If Britain couldn’t build a spaceship of their own, how did Scotland manage it? I wonder if this might not have worked better as a two-parter, to make the society of Starship UK seema bit better realised. And yet – the character stuff was perfect. So what if you had to do a bit of hanwaving to make the plot work, that’s Doctor Who for you. And more importantly, that’s The Doctor for you. Right there, worrying when no one stops to comfort a child, quipping when he and his companion are sicked up by a giant mouth. Isn’t this show great???

  2. Ah, thank you! And all points taken on board – we definitely needed more time to explore this world. As it is, it’s all broad brush-strokes. Maybe the Smilers would have had more impact if we’d seen them out and about doing… whatever it is that they do. That said, perhaps they’re going to show up again before the end of the season?

    Oh, forgot to mention the crack in the world at the end. I smell a story arc approaching. Or not so much a story arc, but a touch of the Bad-Wolfery.

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